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References to printers that I have worked on -and- just some references to printers... printer notes... etc;

  Lexmark X4270

My 1200 error was caused by a cartridge landing pad jam. When the ink cartridges are parked, a landing pad moves from left to right and comes up to cover the jets to prevent ink from drying out. It locks in place and there is a spring which allows the pad to unlock and move out of the way - my spring kept coming off the post. Symptom is you can't change the ink cartridge when you open the access cover because they don't slide over.
To fix it,(complexity is 6 of 10), UNPLUG PRINTER, remove the handset (unplug cord) and rest (unslide cover underneath and pull out electrical connection, remove one screw), then remove 8 screws (2 in back 6 on top) from top cover, and remove same. Look for the spring if it's jumped. It belongs underneath the landing pad on a plastic post surrounded by a C guard. Gently move the ink shuttle to the left by turning the motor that drives the belt. When the landing pad is to the left most travel, it should be down out of the way of the cartrige movement. I had to remove the shuttle guide shaft to move the ink shuttle left but if you can coax the pad down this may not be necessary. I put the spring on and heated a flat blade screwdriver and pushed gently on the post to melt/mushroom it. The other end of the spring goes on a hook on the bottom of a pivoting catch (top of the catch looks like 1/2 an arrow and should point to the right, with the pivot shaft in the hole in the landing pad). Once reattached and with internals in operating order, with the cover off you can plug in the printer and test to see if it works, but of course be cautious of exposed electricals in the back. If successful, replace cover and handset post in reverse of removal. Good luck!


  Ithaca 8000

This is one of the "Receipt" printers at my McDonalds. The print is getting hard to read. So, I checked the Web on cleaning the printhead.

TransAct Technologies Ithaca 8000/40 Printer Cleaning Card (15 cards)

  • Cleans the thermal print heads
  • Cleans the entire surface of the platen roller
  • Cleans printer pathways
  • Use this card for regular maintenance to maintain high acceptance rates. However, cleaning cards should only be used periodically as constant use can cause abrasion that could potentially damage the printhead over time.
  • This card features cleaning waffles (raised, flexible platforms) allowing the card to clean previously unreachable areas within the card reader, significantly increasing the life and reliability of the card reader

This cleaning card is designed to maintain the clarity and readability of liner less receipts printed by Ithaca 8000/8040 Lineless Label and Receipt Printers

1. Turn power "Off" on printer, unplug the AC cable & remove paper from printer.
2. Remove cleaning card from pouch and insert into paper path leaving approximately 1/3 of the card sticking out of the front of the printer.
3. Close printer cover. Hold printer down securely with one hand. Using other hand, manually pull cleaning card until entire card has been pulled free.

Refer:  TransAct Tech Ithaca Cleaning  


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