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Design Continuation... page 2

Decided on a second page for the Design documentation. Time will be spent on this page only to "clean" it up. In other words to make it our own.

 The Lord's Page   we were never happy with the "Design" that we came up with for our Lord's Page. In our searches we found another Template that will do better. It is called Lightspeed and can be found at: - public_html/Styles/Templates - LightSpeed by Enjay
I renamed it to TheLordsPage.html, LPstyle.css, LPimages and LPREADME.TXT. From there we will make our changes. Which one you will see, and the condition, will depend on how fast we can go.

Now then, comments on the building of The Lords Page will be limited on the page itself. It is to be info on the Lord. There will be comments in the code so that, if neccessary, you could examine -or- view the source for more information. Or, you could come back to this page. This page, plus the Design Home page will have the code info.

As stated earlier, we grabbed the LightSpeed Template and renamed it and its supporting files. So the first thing to do, would be to fix all those references that we broke.

Wellll..., we have a problem right off the bat. Good ol' Internet Explorer screws up a lovely design!! Now what??!!? Take a break and think about it... Ok. We did. Now we look at the code and the "other" files. Close examination shows that the images used are in PNG format. This format can have a transparency effect that is NOT understood by IE 6 and below. So parts of the beautiful screen are grey rather than transparent. So, we do the usual, search the Net:
   PNG in Windows IE
   IE PNG Fix

Do believe that we are going to use the second one. This script adds near-native PNG support with alpha opacity to IE 5.5 and 6. There is lots more info on their Web Page. However, on the other hand, we may not use anything. We have included a Browser Stats link along the side in column 1 and according to it, IE version 6 and below are in the very, very minority. The only reason we get it is because we never upgraded the IE in our Windows 2000. Think it is time to move up to at least IE version 7. We mean, after all, we keep saying this is mostly for ourselves. So the fix will be to Update MSIE.

Rut, Roh!! Looks like we are going to have to update more than IE. Microsoft is not allowing IE7 on Windows 2000 or less. Only XP and above. So, it looks like we will finally be switching to Vista -or- Win7 as the secondary OS here in Linux. Again our main reason for using a Windows OS is because of Homesite. It works in Vista. In fact we already have it installed there. -But- there are all those little things that ... well that are also used. Changes... We have been comfortably working in Win2K for ...well, for a long time. Now to change, + we will have to move over what will work -or- find new versions -or- both. we can have both Windows Systems up in VMware -but- have to be careful on resources. Things get a little slower, but here on our new machine, it is not to bad. The first one started seems to have the greatest control of the resourcs, so we will start Vista... no Win7... no Vista... no Win7... no Vista... Oooops. We must decide which one. This is tuff for one stupid reason. We like the looks of Vista. We think that it looks more spectacular and Professional. -But- it has problems and they are, naturally, pushing Windows 7.

Ok. Let's get with the times for a change. Quit hanging on to the past and move on. We will go with Windows 7... or at least attempt to. The VMware Workstations of Windows 2000 and Windows Vista will be kept for reference on trouble shooting Customers PCs. Along with our dual boot to Windows XP Media Center. That media center has some strong stuff. Got the Windows 7 Professional. Ok. Go for it .... right after we clean up the house for the Holidays.

Ah -But- there is another option... change the Browser used in Homesite on Win2K to Firefox!! Well... that works. We can now see the new Lord's Page like it should be.

Again, one of the chief reasons we have Windows in VMware is so that we can continue to use Homesite. That is one "old habit" that we will not change. And if you scan the Web you will find that we are not alone.

Well, chit!! None. None, of our VMware Windows boxes will see the 'others' in their Network Neighborhoods. Nothing, Nada, Zero... except themselves. -But- in Windows 2000 we can see the drives that we have mapped. The 'L:' drive is where we have our public_html. We at one time had 'ALL' of them seeing each other. At one time we could see "Everything" in our 'Local Network' from my main machine. What's changed?? The Router. Ah yes. We have installed our new Router and we don't believe all the "Sharing" is setup correctly. Oh, there are so many things to think of and keep track of!!
 TAYLOR   - Place what you find here!! ... after you find 'it'.
     ........... searching investigating ... 'it' ... whilst continuing ....

(This is not 'it'.)
Ok. We got brave/smart and just mapped the 'L:' drive in Windows 7. We can see it and access it ... as we are now, in Homesite ... in Windows 7. -However-, the operation of Homesite in Win7 is not clean. As we are editing -this- document, we can see 'other' areas of the page flickering as we are typing in new text -AND- when we went to edit a tag, the Style Editor came up "behind" Homesite instead of in front of, or on top of it. We have had this happen with other operations and our brother had it happen when he was trying to download avast. The dialog box asking where to save the item came up underneath the current window. Don't believe that they have their priorities set right in Vista and Win7.

 Win7 Note:  I have references to Windows 7 in the links at the side of this screen cause ... We are trying to start using this New OS...a lot... even though it is giving us some pains. we need to learn more about it cause our family, relatives and customers are all starting to get it and we are supposed to be the Family/Local Guru.

  Houston... we have a problem.

The "Problem", IF it is still there, can be seen in our Windows 7 discussion. What we have/had was/is a Table created with div's instead of table commands. In IE 6 and above it works as expected. However, in the browser we always praise so much (Firefox) ... it doesn't!! At this time we have two(2) rows of five(5) cells for a jump table. We like to put these at the top of some of our documents cause they get long and we, and probably others, want to get to a section fast. So, we have jump points at the top. Right below it we have a comment block with a Tan background. In Firefox, the bottom box creeps up over the table at the top. IF we place enough CR's or P's to get the bottom block, down away from the jump table in Firefox, then there is a large blank area in IE.
The "Fix" was to create an actual Table and skip the div's for now.
 Later Note:  I ran into essentially the same problem on My Lord's Page. At the bottom we have a jump table to other sites. This one is still in div's. Because of the layout, you can not see the "problem" but we did whilst creating it. Since it doesn't show in the Final Version, we have left it in the div format.

Whoa!! What ho and foresooth!?!? we commented out the div's, inserted the html table commands and tried again. Once again it worked in IE and -NOT- in Firefox. Firefox ignored the comment markers and tried to use the div's. This screwed everything up! So we had to remove the div's altogether and replace them with a Table. We tried... We wanted to be fancy and "modern" and "up-to-date" -but- we could NOT get the SAME CSS code to work the SAME in Firefox and Internet Explorer. At least NOT without a lot of hackin' around in the code to test which we were on and then take appropriate actions.
This is supposed to be Standardized.?.!?

Win7 Start

For lack of something better, we have called this Win7 Start. Theoretically, we will be using Windows 7 instead of Windows 2000. But we will say right now, that won't always be true. Especially here in the beginning. Windows 7 doesn't seem to be as smooth as Windows 2000. At least not here in VMware. The screen changes are jerky. Now this may be cause of some settings that need to be changed -or- some patches that need to be put in. We'll see. Right now the main reason we need Windows 7 is to check the Web Pages in IE 8.

Ah yes!!! And we have to get the proper tools re-setup in Win7. We just tried a CSE Validation in Homesite and it Failed!! But it is ok in Win2k... cause we have a later version. Oh the comfort we had so long now will be rumpled. Hey, it was working. Why change it?? ... until you have to.??

Now then, there is one very important thing to keep track of...
DO NOT edit the same files at the same time in both!!

 ARRGGGHH!!!  The drives came out different in Windows 7 for some reason. Think it is our fault. We didn't -or- haven't yet taken the time with this System like we did with the Win2K side. There are settings in VMware and Samba that we need to change.

Win7 End

Well, we are back to Win2K. It is more reliable, for what we are doing and I am more comfortable with it. We don't have a real good reason to change to Vista -or- Win7. With the Browser change in Homesite, we are happy again. We were putting off the change before so we could check IE 6 operations along with Netscape/ Firefox. That requirement, as far as we are concerned, is now gone. IF you are an IE 6 user, please don't get mad, just update to a newer Browser.

VMware Video Card Notes Begin

We are leaving notes all over the place concerning our 'Fix/Find' that the 'Lord' lead us to. It involved a number of things, primarily;
      VMware 3d Acceleration, and NMI watchdog
Those two corrections gave us back our system. More info is available at: VMware Fix. Oh, and you will also find that we finally 'UpDated' to VMware 10.

VMware Video Card Notes End

   Back to the Lord's Page

Allllrighty now... this Template is like all the others. Got lots of 'Junk' on it so that it can show you what to do. Now we must rearrange the items we want to keep and remove the ones we don't want -or- need at this time. First change is in the 'Title'. The original 'Author' gets credit at the bottom, as he requested, not at the top. And we put in the TRComputing 'favicon'.

Well, we already have some differences in ideas. Seems he has his 'styles' set to have the 'h2' all lower case. I.. do.. not.. want.. them.. that.. way!! we prefer to have the option of mixed case in our headings. Yep, he has h1, h2, and h3 all set to 'lowercase'. Fortunately, in that particular setting in the 'LPstyle.css' file, that is all he is doing. So, we will just comment out the section. Hopefully, all browsers will honor the comment marker. Well, neither one did so we removed the h2 completely. IT STILL WENT ALL LOWER CASE??? Oh darn, he has lowercase set in the header too. Don't know why all these people insist on lower case.? we commented out the lowercase portion of this item. We are ok now.

Now then, he has some 'Jump Points' right up at the top to go to places like the 'Home Page', 'Blog' which we don't and will not have, 'Photos', 'Videos' - nope, 'About' and 'Contact' - maybe. Ok, we only commented out the three entries. May want them later. 'About' and 'Contact' will get setup later.

Ok. We had some pics that changed with mouse overs on our old site. We still want to maintain them. They have messages that we still want portrayed. Just have to figure out how to 'fit' them into this new scheme. The Light burst at the top of the page is what initially attracted us to this Template in the first place. Ok. Try to use some of your own imagination and talent, even though it is little.

Here is the Class / ID confusion discusion

 Oh Bummer!!  Just when we think we are understanding this, someone throws us a curve ball. In the styles file, Enjay has a whole bunch of .post, .meta and other '.' stuff defined. we thought you could only have one, and the last one over-rode the prvious ones. Oh confusion...
-But- we are learning a lot from these two, DCarter and Enjay.

The transparent backgrounds ... very ingenious. The areas below the Star Burst have PNG transparent backgrounds. A very neat way ... that we may use in the future ... of having title bars for the sections at the top. We just tried to get hold of the author and could not. He put this up on the Web 2 years ago!! If the author happens upon our Lord's page ... Thanks.
Subclasses are just one more way of adding additional specificity to your CSS rules where it's appropriate. You can have a main class, but you can alter the rule for an element based on where it is in the document.

You can also use multiple classes in the same selector. To do this, all classes must be written directly after each another - with no white space.
Grouping Selectors
In style sheets there are often elements with the same style.
Nesting Selectors
It is possible to apply a style for a selector within a selector.